About Us

ARGUNOV STUDIO is a creative company founded in 2013. We are focused on making visually stunning and complex sequences for feature film and TV as well as game cinematics and CG-films.

We are currently an international network of over 200 talented artists working around the globe and incorporated in Bangkok (Kingdom of Thailand). 

Areas of our expertise include VFX for film and video, full CG game cinematic videos, Unreal Engine environments, game assets and characters and many more.

Please check Services tab for more detailed breakdowns.  Please refer to Demoreel page of this site or visit our Facebook page for more work examples. 

On every project we are involved, our goal is to make the client’s product visually stunning and outstanding to the audience.

Our Services


Complex destructions, water, fire, explosions – is what we do good. We have a strong team of hardcore simulation professionals


Character animation is not what the studio  is specialised on. However we always do it good when it’s a part of a project by collaborating with strong freelance artists all over the world. Please check some works in this demo reel.

3D mattepainting

We are specialised in this as well. No matter of its an alien planet or a ruined city.

Motion Design

Pretty often you need interfaces and motion graphics in your film. Although the audience often does not pay attention It’s an important part of the show and they surely immediately see it if it’s done wrong. That’s why we care to do it right. We have experience of making sophisticated animated logos and idents as well.

Concept Art

We have a few talented concept designers in our office and collaborate with several more freelancing. For last years we designed environments, characters, props, costumes for a bunch of sci-fi feature films. Please check the gallery for work examples.